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04.05.2024 – Maker Talk und Workshop von Yuksel Temiz, Microqubic AG

Hinweis: Der Maker Talk und Workshop wird in englisch stattfinden.

Maker Talk (10:30-13:00 including lunch): This Maker Talk is about learning the basics of Arduino programming and 3D printing to make cool toys and gadgets. We’ll start by showing examples from IBM Research-Zurich, where 3D printing, Arduino and Raspberry Pi were used to support the development of microchip technologies for healthcare applications. Then, we’ll share fun toys made with 3D printing and simple electronics, plus cool animations followed by a lunch. Please use the form to register.

Workshop (13:00-16:00): We’ll then have a hands-on workshop where you can make your own electronic hockey puck. During breaks, you can try out Microqubic’s 3D microscope, which is also made using 3D printing and Arduino. We’ll keep things easy to understand, so anyone, no matter their age or background, can join in the fun without getting lost in technical talk. The price for the workshop is 35.- CHF for the material and afterwards you can take your creation home with you. The workshop is limited to 12 people and first come first serve and can be booked with this link.

About the speaker: Yuksel Temiz is a microsystem engineer with expertise in microchip design and fabrication for healthcare applications. He earned his PhD from EPFL in 2012 and subsequently worked at IBM Research – Zurich, co-authoring 25 patents and over 50 publications. In 2022, he founded Microqubic AG in Zug, dedicated to developing innovative laboratory instruments. He enjoys building gadgets using 3D-printing and Arduino, and making videos about them using stop-motion animation.

About the company: Microqubic AG designs and manufactures patent-pending electro-optical systems and 2D/3D digital microscopes for scientific research and precision manufacturing. The company’s highlight is a new 3D imaging system that is modular, programmable, and fully motorized. The system can capture 4K images and videos of transparent, reflective, and opaque samples from any angle and perform measurements from centimeters to micrometers.